Revo - ASTM Compliant Pilot Operating Handbook and Flight Training Supplement (POH and FTS) in pdf format - Revision 4.0 - Released July 1, 2013

Reflex - Series Wing Manual in pdf format (should accompany the POH and FTS) - Revision 3.0 - Released Dec 15, 2012

Revo - Maintainence and Inspection Procedures (MIP) in pdf format - Revision 2.0 - Released Nov 20, 2012


Below are the links to the websites where manuals from other manufacturers whose parts and avionics are used on our aircraft can be found. Your aircraft was supplied with third party manuals. We recommend that you keep those manuals updated by visiting these websites.

MGL Avionics for Enigma, RDAC VD, Fuel Flow sensor, V10 Radio (

Rotax Aircraft Engines for Rotax engines (

Rotax Owners for signing up with your e-mail to get Rotax engines service bulletins notification automatically (

MicroAir Avionics for MicroAir radio or transponders (

Sensenich Propellers for 912 series composite Sensenich prop used on the Revo (

Warp Drive Propellers for Warp Drive props used on the Revo (

Aero Prop used on the Revo (

Ballistic Recovery Systems for whole airplane parachutes used on the Revo (


Evolution Trikes Continued Airworthiness System per ASTM standard F2425 issues safety directives (mandatory), service bulletins and service letters to registered owners of its fleet.
Below these items have been divided by type and can be downloaded as pdf documents.

Owner Responsibilities

  1. Each owner of our aircraft shall read and comply with the maintenance and continued airworthiness information and instructions provided by Evolution Trikes.
  2. Each owner of our aircraft shall provide current contact information to the manufacturer or CAA which maintains the list of registered owners.
  3. The owner of our aircraft shall notify Evolution Trikes of any safety of flight issue or significant service difficulty upon discovery. This notification must be made in a manner acceptable to the manufacturer i-e., in writing via e-mail using the format of the feedback form in the manuals and include pictures as needed.
  4. The owner of our aircraft shall be responsible for complying with all manufacturer issued notices of mandatory corrective action.
  5. Evolution Trikes -REQUIRES- that all its users register their e-mail address at so that they can receive Rotax aircraft engine directives promptly and automatically via e-mail.

Mandatory Safety Directives

A safety directive is distributed to all registered users when a condition is found to exist that may also exist in other aircraft in the fleet and which would cause a deviation from original design or unsafe condition for flight, rendering the aircraft unairworthy. This change, maintenance procedure, inspection procedure, or other procedures deemed appropriate by the manufacturer is mandatory and must be performed and documented in the individual aircraft logs in order for that aircraft to maintain compliance with ASTM standards.

Safety Directive 1001 --- Correcting Slider Adjustment Interference with Full Throttle Operation

Safety Directive 1002 --- New Manuals

Safety Directive 1003 --- Checking Engine Cover Mounting Bolts

Safety Directive 1004 --- Inspection And Repair Of Revo WSC aircraft S/N 000554
(US Registration: N611TX)

Safety Directive 1005 --- Check for Cable Housing Chafing Radiator Core

Safety Directive 1006 --- Changing Allen Bolts With Bushings Holding Front Floating Rotor on Revo

Safety Directive 1007 --- Inspection and possible replacement of Engine throttle and Choke brackets

Safety Directive 1008 --- Using Red Loctite on Hub Bolts that brake rotor rides on and Blue Loctite on landign cover and wheel pant bolts

Safety Directive 1009 --- Using Blue Loctite on Hangblock

Safety Directive 1010 --- Replacing the Hardware on the Lower Compression Strut

Safety Directive 1011 --- Adding stand offs on fuel line / throttle / choke cables

Safety Directive 1012 --- Inspecting gascolator bowl for corrosion

Safety Directive 1013 --- Replacing SS bolts on the hang block

Safety Directive 1014 --- Replacing headers

Service bulletins are distributed to all registered owners when no unsafe condition exists that could lead to an un-airworthy condition, but a service problem has become repetitive for which the manufacturer has developed a design change, or service procedure change that will contribute to the improvement or convenience of operation or maintenance of the aircraft. Service bulletin changes are not mandatory to maintain the aircraft’s compliance with ASTM standards.

Service Letters

The manufacturer issues service letters on any subject that is considered helpful to the owners. Such letters are intended to maintain a good rapport with the owners, encourage feedback on service and other problems, or to circulate items of interest that an owner may feel would be of value to other owners. A service letter does not include any mandatory owner actions.

Service Letter 1001 --- New Screen #1 for the Enigma EFIS with magnetic compass heading

Parts Order Form

Parts Order Form Released May 13, 2013