Moje fascynacje motolotnią trwają już kilka lat. Tematem Revo zainteresowałem się bliżej śledząc nowinki lotnicze i filmy z pokazów lotniczych z całego świata. Tak po raz pierwszy usłyszałem o Larrym Mednick i motolotni REVO. Kiedy umówiłem się na wizytę w Zephyrhills i zobaczyłem Revo, byłem zdumiony jakością wykonania motolotni. Żaden film nie odzwierciedla tego co można obejrzeć na żywo. Perfekcyjne wykonanie wózka powiązane z przemyślanymi rozwiązaniami technicznymi bardzo nowatorskimi, oraz wprowadzenie skrzydła Rival S dało mi przekonanie o tym, że Revo jest niczym Ferrari wśród motolotni. Wrażenia estetyczne były niesamowite. Przez czas 10 dni pobytu w USA miałem możliwość testowania dwóch skrzydeł Competition i Rival S. Po raz pierwszy spotkałem się z motolotnią z którą nie trzeba walczyć, a prowadzenie jej jest czystą przyjemnością. Pełen luz i relaks towarzyszący lataniu odzwierciedla się brakiem zmęczenia lotem i napawa pełnym spokojem i dumą. Oczywiście podpisałem umowę o współpracy i dokonałem wyboru zakupu pierwszego Revo do Europy oraz wyboru skrzydła Rival S.
My fascinations with trikes has been ongoing for several years. I have interested in Revo in closer by tracking airline news and videos from the air shows around the world. That's how I first heard about Larry Mednick and REVO trike. When I made ​​an appointment for a visit in Zephyrhills and saw the Revo, I was amazed at the quality of the Revo trike. Any movie doesn't show what can be seen live. Perfect performance of Revo associated with well very innovative technical solutions, and the Rival S wing gave me the belief that the Revo is like a Ferrari among trikes. Aesthetic experiences were amazing. While my 10-days visitation in the United States I had the opportunity to test the two wings - Competition and Rival S. The first trike I have seen which you do not need to fight with, and handling with Revo is pure pleasure. Full of comfort and relaxation accompanying flying reveals a lack of flight fatigue and fills full of calm and pride. Of course, I signed a cooperation agreement and decided to buy their first Revo to Europe Rival S wings.
Bogusław Kaczan, Arkomet owner

Revo NV, USA

My Customer's first reactions to seeing the new REVOs that just arrived: "these trikes are beautiful", "that wing looks so small" ...... After about 6 hours for both of them in their new Revo, the "shock" of super sensative control is "under control" for them. This "shock" is the same for those who also had learned in my stiffer Apollo Monsoon/Aeros Profi TL and then transitioned to the Wizard wing. The roll sensativity is amazing and the electric trim allows the full range of speed to be used practicly. One of my favorite wings is the Air Borne Wizard because it turns so easy, and these Rivals S wings SO FAR appear to be even lighter roll pressure. WOW.
Paul Hamilton Author of FAA, WSC hand book, "Weather to Fly" DVD, Sport Pilot Test Prep supplies and CFI

Wahington, USA

"....the whole point of my flying is pleasure. Based at least the wing combinations I have tested, the REVO is much, much, much more pleasurable to fly. It responds immediately, precisely and with finger tip effort. It's really wonderful. Its beautiful. It FEELS sensational."
Glade Ross (placed REVO order)

Talladega, USA

Thank you for your incredibly fast customer service. I recently damaged my REVO just a few days before the biggest fly-in of the year at my home base. I was sure I would be grounded during the big event. I had no idea that your parts department stocked so many parts! My parts shipped the same day I ordered it and I didn't miss any of the fun. Thanks again.
Lee Schmitt (Owner Revo 912S with Reflex Competition wing)


Ok. I got to fly the Revo today with both Sport and Competition wings.
First the Revo looks a lot better in person than in pictures. I was impressed yesterday with the Tanarg and it met exactly what I expected from the pictures I had seen. No small feet.

Well Revo looks better in person than the pictures. There are so many things you do not see or notice in pictures that you can appreciate in person. The inside of the composite is layered with carbon fiber cloth. The outside finish is just like a brand new shiny car you will get at showrooms. There is billet cnc stuff laid at every corner. The paint is not dull. There are no pin stripes, nogel coat. The cockpit is laid out extremely nicely and you can stand on the honeycomb/foam floor covered with rubber to get in and out. What a concept. They let me hold one of those honeycomb foam cutouts they use to make the floor. It was barely 0.25 kg. There was an a Copper colored Orange trike being assembled and I though that was pretty striking color.

The first wing we flew was the Sport. This is the first time I was flying a topless wing. You can tell a bit of a difference in taxi with the topless wing as the struts weight is in front of CG. The ride was softer on taxi than my trike and that of Tanarg or XT. They all seem to have stiffer suspension. The take off technique I was told was the usual I used anyway so off we went, about 100 meters roll and climbout at 73 mph at 5.5 m/s. I got to around 500 meters and turned left and noticed that the roll pressure was probably about 55% of what I experienced with the Tanarg IXcess yesterday. I did a few more 45 degree bank turns to confirm my feeling and then went square. With some instruction I pushed the trim switch and went to the fastest trim speed of around 86 mph at around 4800 rpm. Pretty nice. Slowest I could get via trim was 52 mph and the aircraft responded well in roll except the roll rate was slower as expected. Stall was just a bit of a mush and slight break and quick recovery. Glide seemed to be a whole lot better than what I am flying right now (basically a Quantum). I don't know exactly what it was but it seemed to be similar to IXcess 15.
I approached a bit fast at 75 mph so ended up floating near the ground before touchdown. I think the brakes on Tanarg may be a bit more effective although these were smooth and nice as well. I suspect about 110 meters to a full stop.

Then we headed back and changed the wing to the Competition wing. I got to see that and its pretty interesting how the front the hinges at the center. Nice trick. In about 25 minutes we headed back to fly again with me in the front seat.
(Evolution Trikes Note: You can now see a video of the lowering and raising the wing at our Gallery link)
Well, this wing is about as different from the Sport wing as the Sport wing was from the Tanarg/IXcess. The takeoff roll was definitely more (probably 30 percent) but I had a grin on my face as soon as it was up and I gave it its first input. The climb rate is really not much different than the Sport. But the bumps simply get cut through. Its like going flying in a Cessna 152 in some bumps, coming down and going back up in a RV-7. I can see how this wing can lend itself to this video. The roll response is more like an airplane where you put the stick to one side and it responds now. Very nice for a trike to do that. I tried fast trim. Got 96 mph and the roll was quite immediate at that speed. As soon as you started the turn, you had to think about stopping it because you would be at 45 degrees already. I had a lot of fun with that. Tried some slow 56 mph trim flight. Roll pressures remained light though roll rate slowed. But I am in love with this thing. If the darn price was not what it was, I would have ordered it today. I got to sell my trike first though.
I think that Competition wing is what I will want with that nice Copper color.
Cherian (Pegasus owner)


我是丁琳。我曾在中国空軍 当飛行員服役九年。 曾経駕駛过多型飛机,包括 轟五 (伊留申-28 轟炸机) Illusion Il-28 bomber, 初教六 教練机 。最近退役后仍然継續飛行 軽型運动型飛机 的飛行事业,包括代电視台做飛行採訪,航拍,飛行教学,空中观光飛行等业務。 也曾飛过 世界多种型号的动力三角翼。共有4千多小時动力三角翼飛行経驗。 這次経过 一位美国翼飛樂公司中国總代理的推荐,特地去美国佛罗里達州親自親身体驗及試飛這架 久仰大名的 REVO 动力三角翼。 試飛結果实在是名不虛傳。這机型反应 快速靈敏,感覺就像似飛战鬥机一般。尤其配上 那 競賽者 11 米的机翼,那更是靈敏度及速度 是其它动力三角翼無法相此。 REVO 的制造品貭也是高於其它所有市面上其它机种。 值得有意購買动力三角力的飛行爱好者 优先考慮。 這次的確不虛此行,能夠体会到了百聞不如一見的 REVO。 也終於了解 REVO 爲什庅連續两年穫得航空大展的 最佳軽航机大奬。
I served as a pilot in the Chinese Air Force for nine years. I had flown many aircraft, including the H-5 (Ilyushin -28 bombers), Illusion Il-28 bomber, CJ-6 trainer. I love to fly, so after I retired from the Air Force I continued my aviation career by flying many light sports aircraft, and I have an aerial videography / aerial photography business for TV stations, flight instructions, aerial sightseeing flights, and other services. I especially enjoy flying trikes, and I have flown many models of trikes, with total of more than 4000 hours on different trikes. I have learned about the extreme performance capabilities of the REVO through my friends at CASI Aero (the exclusive distributor of Evolution Trikes in China). CASI Aero arranged a special trip for me to go to Florida, United States to personally experience and test flight of this aircraft first hand. The flight test results on REVO well exceeded my expectations... The REVO's rapid and sensitive responses felt like flying a jet fighter in particular when coupled with the 11 meter Competition wing. It has the sensitivity and speed that no other trikes can campare to. The REVO's quality is also higher than the other models on the market. This was indeed a worthwhile trip. Now I can tell everyone they must fly the REVO to truly experience the quality of the REVO. I finally understand why the REVO received the Grand Champion LSA award and awards for three consecutive years at the Sun N' Fun Airshow.
Ding Lin (Tanarg owner)


Just had the pleasure of finally seeing in the flesh 3 of your Revo's based at Latrobe Valley here in Australia. I must commend you and Abid on the design, quality and the finish of the Revo it is simply outstanding seeing one in the flesh. You certainly build by far the best quality trike in the world and it makes the Airborne XT look pretty basic compared to the Revo. I was taken back at the burnt Orange (Atomic Orange Edition) one you have sent here it looks pretty darn awesome and had me gob smacked. Very proffessional cockpit lay out and overall build quality of the machine. Credit where credit is due, the best trike(s) I have ever seen and the rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do. Well done all the Revo staff for a superb quality trike. Love one myself....
Alf Jessup (AirBorne owner)


Revo - time to tell you what I think
Well, it has been past about 10 months since I had started to fly the Revo with the Reflex 11. Before that, I have flown for about 7 years with different types of trikes, about 800 hours of flight. This month I have accomplished 100 hours flight with the Revo. I was one of the first costumers who have purchased this trike. I was looking for 100hp trike with small wing, which would perform my targets:
Easy handling, sensitive and precise flying, fast, comfortable- and topless wing for quick folding.
I took a test flight with the newest trikes on the market. I also have discussed with pilots about their trikes, and read pilot test fly articles. Some of the trikes are easy handling, but slow. Some of them fast but flies like a truck on rails. One of them was with fantastic wing, but I didn't like the carriage. With the Revo I have found what I was looking for. The ultimate package. A tailor- made trike for me. Very, very easy handling, precise steering. Just what I need to fly fast at low altitude sport flying (we are not allowed to fly above 500 feet agl!).
In addition, high quality, carbon fiber carriage. Carriage that will stay with me for many years. I am from Israel. We didn't have a local dealer for the Revo when I bought it, and I was very concerned about the customer service. My fears where not justifiied. The support I received from Larry and Abid was remarkable. It was, when needed, given always in real time by Larry and Abid - including weekends and holidays. Customer service is important as much as the product, sometimes more, and this company has the highest level of the product and support.
Bottom line- I am very happy with my Revo. I think it is the best trike in the market today. Go and check it! I think you will agree with me.
Amit Heimann (Owner Revo 912S with Reflex Competition wing)


My Revo has been flying beautifully, except I was having a left hand turn above 75 knots. I've been working with Larry Mednick over the last year by email trying to resolve this. After trying many suggestions without any luck, Larry committed to coming to Australia to fix the issue (I was very impressed that the manufacturer was actually prepared to do this). After arriving and some fine tuning from Larry, I now have a 12 meter sport wing and Revo that is unbelievable. I can now cruise at 90 knots hands free (with some special speed tuning from Larry) perfectly straight. Roll is very light and pitch is also very light. The trike is an absolute pleasure to fly.
I had Larry here for four days which was great fun. I have learn't so much, it is hard to measure. I am a high time pilot and have flown a number of different trikes including Airbornes and Air Creation trikes. I have also flown around the circumfrence of Australia (22,000 kms). I took advantage of Larry and asked him to spend some time with me in the backseat of my trike. Some of the tips that he gave me, with a little bit of practice, will take my skills to the next level.
I cannot be anything other than very impressed with, one Larry's support for the Revo, two his skills as a pilot, three his interpersonal skills and lastly his vast knowledge of wing tuning, aerodynamics and trikes in general.
Roger Bunny (Owner Revo 912S with Reflex Sport wing)

Minnesota, USA

I used to think Air Creation had no rivals. I was wrong. Look out French trike builders, Revo's coming. That trike clearly sets the new standard. Workmanship I've never seen before in a trike.
Mark Overson

L.A. California USA

Every time I fly the Revo I notice again how well everything is done. It is great for training and just a great machine in every way. Well done!
Matt Liknaitzky Competition aerobatic pilot Sport Pilot Examiner (Airplane, Glider, WSC)